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On August 23rd, 1856, Eunice Newton Foote was supposed to present the results of her work regarding the increase in temperatures observed in the atmosphere when the amount of carbon rises. Eunice has just discovered the greenhouse effect – the Circumstances affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays – and indirectly the causes of global warming.

L’Exposée is a short fiction film directed by Sonia Delhaye on the initiative of Wiifilm & Watertrek (association invested in the protection of aquatic ecosystems) and its founder Séverine Vasselin – actress embodying here the 2 main female characters. It is produced by Le Bureau des Curiosités, which has joined the project, convinced by the director’s words and the association’s commitments.

L’Exposée offers a double educational dimension by linking the question of respect for the living to that of respect for women, while evoking the question of social inequalities from the 19th century to the present day. The story makes the link between environmental pollution and the pollution of all these social injustices that plague society.

If science has no country nor gender,” as Joseph Henry quoted upon reading Eunice’s article, “the exploitation of life is intrinsically linked to the exploitation of humans.” as cited by Malcolm Ferdinand.


Eunice/doctorante : Séverine VASSELIN
Joseph HENRY/Professor VANIER : Régis ROMELE
Elisha FOOTE : Erwan DE FLIGUE

Student: Dimitri FOUQUE
Student 2: Sylvain LE GALL
Student 3: Maxime LELUE

Director/Scriptwriter : Sonia DELHAYE
1 er assistant : Julien TRIGER
Producer Bureau des Curiosités : Teddy AYMARD
Producer Picseyes : Jennifer JAUZE
Producer Wiifilm : Séverine VASSELIN
Production Manager : Bryan DAMIEN
Production Assistant : Liz KHOULI
Chief operator : Emilie AUJE
1 er assistant : Fanny BEGOIN
Colorgrading : Coralie CHALON
Photographer : Christian FOURNIER
Sound Engineer : Gauthier HAMMER
Composer : Mathieu MICHARD
Sound Mixing : Yohann MOURE
Head decoration : Lola BRETON
Costums : Erwan DE FLIGUE

Wiifilm wishes to thank John PERLIN in Santa Barbara, author of the very first biography about Eunice Newton Foote, who has accompanied us and provided us with its original script.

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Film shooting at the Sorbonne in Paris


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