We believe that storytelling is a universal language. We believe that strong personal stories can have a real impact, create empathy and connection. So we created Wiifilm to voice them.

Wiifilm is an organization specialized in the production of social and environmental content, created by actress Séverine Vasselin. It offers films, theatre, animation, online contents and photography. Our projects push boundaries by exploring mankind on earth and work with lofty and exceptional filmmakers dedicated to inspire their audience into questioning their relationship with their own environment.

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Getrennt, a quarantine project

Trilingual actors Romane Meutelet, Séverine Vasselin and Richard Sammel are pleased to present the Getrennt project, born in 2019 and […]

The mangrove secret

Mangrove trees have a magical power… 1’35. A production for Charity Watertrek, directed by Ka Ki Wong.  

An Impressionist Odyssey

A journey along the wake of Monet and Impressionist painters, exploring their relationship to nature and water. 18′. French with […]