Published on 16 May 2021

Getrennt: a quarantine project

In an attempt to keep their love alive, two couples separated by the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 have shared passionate and historically fascinating correspondances before they were able to reunite years later. 

Trilingual actors Romane Meutelet, Séverine Vasselin and Richard Sammel have given a voice to their letters, a project born March 2020 while the actors were also confined and presented in French, English and German. 

  • Getrennt, with Romane Meutelet, Séverine Vasselin, Richard Sammel, Sophie Tergeist & Fabien Jegoudez
  • Writing: Romane Meutelet & Séverine Vasselin
  • Shooting: Séverine Vasselin & Warren Dupuy
  • Editing: Samuel Conrad
  • Adapted after the real life stories & books Drum prüfe ewig, wer sich bindet from Bärbel et Rolf Pester and Nun 180 Meter, Liebe im Schatten der Mauer from Regina Cäcilia Albrecht (RIP) courtesy from her husband Eckard Albrecht.

Discover in the attached videos the trailer, the Act 1 (Bärbel & Rolf) and Act 2 (Regina & Eckhard) respectively in French, English and German.

Getrennt will be turned into a podcast. The original text is now available in 3 languages to potential stage directors.

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